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Christine and Bill Retzer plan to develop a property they own into a repackaging facility to repackage nuts and other local farm products grown in the area. They own a nearly 16-acre parcel of land on Interstate 5 just 2 miles north of Orland, California. An outstanding location, easy to find, and it's close to town. The nut shop, Valley Nut Barn, needs only 4-to-6 acres of land, and the difference of land usage could be used for farming crops. 10 acres is not large enough for a commercial orchard or livestock operation, but would be large enough for specialty vegetable crop production.

An associate at the Glenn County Agricultural Commissioners' office mentioned that there is a large and active Future Farmers of America (FFA) program, consisting of over 200 students, at the Orland High School. The chapter is lead by FFA director Anna Canon who is interested in the the project.

Ms. Canon has noticed that most students have livestock projects, but very few have any type of crop project because of the availability of land. This land opportunity would allow for her students to use small parcels of our land for growing vegetables. Ms. Canon has expressed interest in the oppurtunity that would be designed for the students needs.

The project will be under the non-profit public corporation Youth Agricultural Learning Center, so individuals and businesses could donate funds & supplies and receive a tax deduction.


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In addition to the Orland Crop Farm Christine and Bill will have a retail market called the Valley Nut Barn. The Valley Nut Barn will not only be a place for a brick and mortar storefront shop , but a tasting room—wine, coffee, juices, etc.—and a space where learning activities can be conducted.

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Location, location, location. It's all about location.

Located straight in the heart of California's bountiful agricultural countryside—Orland, California—we find ourselves in the final stages of completing an exciting community operation that will not only strengthen our future farmers, but will also draw patrons in the area and travelers coming and going along Interstate 5.

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Agricultural wisdom. In the palm of your hand.

Leaders in our American youth organizations like the National FFA Organization can come together and learn from the wisdom of the area. There will be a section of land devoted to agricultural learning where young leaders can grow and sell crops and attend classes in the main building.

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Local, fresh, premium quality. Period.

Our facility is equipped to not only handle retail and packaging, but also a wine tasting room, an agricultural learning center for students to meet and discuss their project, and a market. The wine room could also double as a juice bar offering fruits and local California coffees. There will be ample parking, restrooms and refrigeration for our inventory. Boutique baskets in small and large sizes carrying local fare from the area like local cheeses, olives, bread, almonds, etc. will be made available in the retail part of the store front shop for locals and travelers alike to buy as a gift.

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